For Turn Key

By utilising MLEX Solutions to also source all associated accessory requirements such as switch boards, light fittings, switches, and general power outlets, you will receive the benefit of a proven, comprehensive and trusted system for the successful design, manufacture, procurement and delivery of the entire modular electrical install.

As your turn key provider, MLEX Solutions will;

1. Consult With Key Personnel

Gathering key personnel from both parties together to discuss the nature of the project in more detail is an important first step. Outcomes from this initial consultation could include:

  • Identifying and understanding your desired objectives from your modular wiring system
  • Demonstrating the capabilities of the MLEX Turn Key Modular Wiring Solution
  • Sharing our experience in completing a successful modular wiring installation

2. Provide Detailed Marked Up Drawings

Based on findings from the initial consultation, the MLEX Drawing Team will generate detailed marked up drawings specific to your project complete with:

  • Product images
  • Product codes
  • Product quantities

Each drawing uses colour coded stencils that allow these drawings to be referenced on site as part of our clever delivery system to ensure that when product arrives, you know what it is, where it is and where it goes.

3. Collate Product and Modularise Accessories

With the initial consult complete and Marked Up Drawings approved, we then collate your product and modularise your electrical solution by:

  • leveraging our strong relationships with leading lighting and accessory brands to source the best product at the best prices for use on your project
  • facilitating the pre fitting of the MLEX connector leads to all electrical accessories to ensure they are ‘modularised’ and ready for integration into the MLEX solution

4. Pick, Pack and Deliver To Location

Our carton labels feature product images, codes and quantities to ensure full visibility is afforded to the team on site. Importantly, the labels are also colour coded to correspond directly with the Marked Up Drawings so that stock can be easily distributed across the site in accordance with the electrical design.

Once packed, the MLEX product, associated accessories and relevant drawings (your entire electrical modular wiring solution) can be dispatched as one order, in full and on time direct to the desired destination.