For Lighting

MLEX Solutions is a minimal, simple and yet immensely practical modular lighting solution that incorporates switching and seamlessly integrates with the WireByClick commercial lighting product. It’s modular nature ensures that a fast and safe installation from the switchboard onwards can be completed with significant reductions in both cable waste and human error.
Its intelligent design also offers unrivaled flexibility and control as it offers unlimited switching options and enables users to make their own soft wiring leads using off the shelf cable that make ‘adding to’ or ‘adapting’ the installation exceptionally easy.
Off the shelf accessories can be ‘modularised’ and therefore incorporated into the modular installation with minimal fuss by fitting a MLEX enabler lead which allows it to connect directly into the MLEX backbone.
MLEX Solutions product can be used for any lighting application that suits a modular wiring solution such as modular buildings, volume housing or high density residential.
The MLEX Solution also gives users in the commercial sector the option to continue using the market leading WireByClick modular wiring product to complete the lighting looms.

Typical Lighting Installation