Residential Housing

Optimised supply chain means simple and efficient procurement.

‘Out of a box’ solution catered specifically to each house design and delivered direct to site when you need it.

Easily modified and added to post installation offering reassurance for both customer and builder.

Modular Building

Compact 25mm diameter design means it will go just about anywhere.

Low skill set requirement for the install means lower hourly rates in the factory and on site.

Systemise your total electrical install using a comprehensive product and service solution.

High Density Residential

Modular Switch Box provides an intelligent new modular approach to switching light circuits.

Detailed drawing layout for each apartment type ensures the team is fully prepared for the install.

Australian made and factory tested product delivers reliability on big projects.

Commercial Projects

Integrates with the WireByClick range of products to offer a specialised commercial lighting solution.

Now install both light and power using just one, comprehensive modular solution.

Rewirable product provides total flexibility and control by enabling you to make your own leads at any time.