About Us

MLEX is proudly Australian owned and operated in an industry dominated by large overseas corporations.

Our soft wiring fly leads are manufactured locally which does more than just ensure that jobs are created here in Australia. It also means that our product is manufactured to the highest standard ensuring the integrity of your work is upheld through unsurpassed product quality.

Our team prides itself on its ability to challenge “why electrical installs need to be so difficult”. We believe in the modular philosophy and are always searching for how we can make electrical installs faster, simpler, safer and ultimately more profitable for our customers.

The MLEX product is a purpose-built modular wiring solution for electrical installs that truly puts the power back in your hands. Its ability to seamlessly adapt to practically every install application across almost any construction category is truly unique and can be attributed to the two key design principles established early in its development. “Make it comprehensive, but keep it simple”.

Thus, the MLEX product uses minimal parts to achieve maximum installations. It is compact and can go just about anywhere. It is scalable so it can be used to install a little (just light or power) or a lot (a full turnkey solution). The option to customise lead lengths allows for absolute precision and the rewireable range offers unrestricted flexibility and total control whilst installing on site.

But MLEX was designed to perform as part of a modular solution, not just as a standalone modular wiring product.
In addition to its superior technical advantages, The MLEX modular wiring experience is further enriched through the well considered service model that supports it.

The whole MLEX solution is underpinned by the detailed drawing service which marks up existing PDF or DWG files. The designs are completed by our dedicated drawing team with input from the Project Manager to ensure the very best modular wiring design is achieved. Each individual part is displayed, colour coded and clearly marked to show the cable length of each modular wiring lead. The colours not only help to differentiate between each individual product but also correspond directly with the packaging labels ensuring that when it gets to site, finding what you need and where it needs to go is very easy. Each drawing has its very own detailed Bill Of Materials available for referencing providing unparalleled accuracy and clarity throughout the planning and quoting phase of any project.

The MLEX Marked Up Drawings then become the perfect blue print for the team to use when completing the modular wiring installation.
The advantage of the MLEX service model also extends to quality product and quick response times, which are critical factors on every construction project. MLEX leads are made locally in Australia which not only guarantees some of the highest quality production standards in the world, but importantly also guarantees the shortest possible lead times applied to all MLEX orders.

Whether you’re in commercial, residential, volume housing, high density residential or modular buildings we’d love to hear from you.